By: Katie Bernotsky, Power Team Lures

Power Team Lure

From coast to coast bass are just programmed to eat crawfish, which is why the Craw D’oeuvre is such an invaluable tool in your tackle bag. At 3.5 inches in length and neutrally buoyant, the Craw D’oeuvre was specifically designed to mimic the average size and true subtle action of real crawfish…the two factors that make it so effective for catching bass. It’s available in 18 different colors and can be rigged and fished a variety of ways to accommodate any conditions you’re faced with when you hit the water. The more ways you know how to fish it, the more successful of an angler you will be. Here’s a handful of the most common ways the Craw D’oeuvre is fished:

Shakey head; Rigged on a Shakey head or Stand up head, the Craw D’oeuvre is an excellent finesse presentation. This method will not only produce any time of year, but it’s also perfect for when the bass are in a negative mood as well as cold water situations.

Flippin’ and Pitchin’; Texas rig the Craw D’oeuvre on a 3/0 heavy wire hook topped off with a ¼ to ½ oz tungsten weight and pitch it around wood, grass, rock, docks and anything that looks “bassy”. Due to its compact size , bass usually engulf the Craw D’oeuvre so don’t plan on missing to many hook sets.

Drop Shot; Yes Drop Shot! Many anglers don’t think of drop shotting craw baits, which makes this such a deadly presentation. Rig it on a 1/0 or 2/0 drop shot hook with a 6 to 18” lead and experience what other anglers haven’t been telling you. **Exceptionally Deadly on bedding fish.

Jig Trailer; A main staple for avid jig fisherman around the country, the Craw D’oeuvre is an excellent complement to your favorite jig. It’s available in 18 different colors so there’s plenty of “Jig and D’oeuvre” color combinations to play with. And think outside of the box! There are many times that contrasting jig and trailer combos will out-perform jig and trailer combos that blend, so feel free to get creative.

Finesse Texas Rig; Texas Rigged on a 2/0 EWG light wire hook with a 1/16, 1/8, or 3/16 oz tungsten weight and fished on spinning gear is a sure shot for when the conditions call for a downsized presentation and fish are around sparse cover. A 6’6” to 7’ medium action spinning rod and 8 to 12 lb line will get you the casting distance you need plus the sensitivity to detect subtle bites.

Punching; The Craw D’oeuvre is excellent for punching heavy matted vegetation. It slides through the grass with ease plus its compact size minimizes the chances for short strikes. Rig one on a 3/0 heavy wire flippin’ hook or EWG hook, top it off with a ¾ to 1 ½ oz tungsten flippin’ weight, punch it through some heavy mats and you’ll see what’s lurking under all that thick vegetation.

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