By: Captain John Curry

YO-ZURI Sashimi Pencil SW


The YO-ZURI Sashimi Pencil SW by YO-ZURI AMERICA is one versatile lure. My shipment came with the 4” floating version in the chameleon hot-pink finish (CMHP). Of the last few colors I think I like this one the best. You can really see the color change when working this lure—I can’t have enough of these in my tackle box. This surface bait’s idea is to change colors as the plug is worked through the water, mimicking the natural color change that baitfish give off as they are pursued by predatory game fish. I will be using this on a charter tomorrow for gator trout on Sarasota Bay. Its design cuts the wind and long casts with light line are easy. Fish the lure like you would any top water “walk the dog” type of lure. I also look forward to casting this to stripers and blues in the spring up north. The bait comes with a circle-hook option and is available in 10 colors with the chameleon ghost shad (CGSH) matching just about any baitfish.

Reaction Strike rEVOLUTION SHAD 5”


The REVOLUTION SHAD 5” bait by Reaction Strike is a segmented hard bait. This triple-jointed lure produces very lifelike swimming action. My Tackle Grab shipment came in the Tilapia color, but this bait comes in 10 different patterns to mimic most any bait species in your waters. The unique feature of this bait is that it offers differing sinking-rate options. The lure that I am testing has a slow sink-rate and I think this will be deadly for suspended fish like cobia and stripers. While I haven’t fished with this bait yet, I did test it from my dock and it swims real nice. You largemouth fisherman are going to really like this bait. Also, for those suspended walleyes in places like Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario this bait is a perfect knockoff for Alewife that “ole wally” feeds on all summer.

Gambler Lures Little EZ


The 3.75” Little EZ soft plastic lure by Gambler is becoming one of my favorite baits. My March Tackle Grab box came with a few swimbait jigs in ¼ oz. white to go with the pack of five baits, very cool. These come in about a million colors (ok, 36 to be exact) which can match any conditions or forage species. I like the purple-green with blue flecks and have already put clients onto some nice gator spotted trout with these baits. The name says EZ and I now get why. Just cast them out and they impart nice swimming action from the paddle tail and the mid-body v-notch. A great feature for guiding with children or novice anglers. My pro tip is to stock your tackle box with at least four different colors and pair them with a pink or white ¼ oz. jig head and get on the water.