REVIEW: Bassinova Baits – EarthShaker Bladed Jigs

By Andrew Martin

BassinovaJust like many of you, I get excited when I receive a new Tackle Grab box in the mail. You never know what new, innovative products are waiting for you inside that packaging. Although bladed jigs are not a brand new product (the “Original” Chatterbait was invented sometime around 2003) lure producers have been working hard to improve upon and update this productive fish catcher ever since.

Bassinova Baits, a company formed in 2012, has made a name for themselves on the west coast, producing their EarthShaker Bladed Jigs. When I received a couple of these from Tackle Grab, I immediately wanted to get on the water and give them a try! Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long.

What better place to try out a vibrating, bladed jig, than one of the top ten waterways in the country, the California Delta. Conditions were perfect for to maximize the effectiveness of the EarthShaker. The wind had been blowing steady for a week and a half and the water was really muddy. Chocolate milk, muddy. The vibration from a bladed jig fit the conditions perfectly.
The first thing I noticed about the EarthShaker Bladed Jig, was the quality construction. One of my biggest pet peeves with a lot of the bladed jigs on the market is poor components. I’ve had them break on the hook set, getting nothing back but the blade and the ring. The EarthShaker is made up of sturdy materials that are solid enough to withstand banging off stumps and ripping through heavy cover without any negative effects. They come with a nice, big hook which is also something that many other similar products lack.

BassinovaI managed to put a number of fish in the boat with the EarthShaker, the biggest being around four pounds. It performed flawlessly. I used the same green/purple patterned jig all day long with no problems. Overall, I was very pleased with Bassinova’s bladed jig. It had all the things you look for, solid construction, great vibration, erratic action and appealing color combinations. If you’re not lucky enough to get some Bassinova Baits EarthShakers in your Tackle Grab box, pick some up at their website,

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