October Featured Baits

By: Tackle Grab Team

Freedom Tackle “Rogue” Football Head – Retail $6.99

Rogue Football


  • Hook has “Free range of motion”
  • Designed to minimize snags and enhance bait action
  • Fewer lost fish, as they can’t use weight for leverage
  • Hook is top quality, light-wire offset hook that is also interchangeable

TECHNIQUES – Pair the Freedom Tackle Rogue with a 7-7 ½ foot rod with medium-heavy action. Depending on water clarity, 12-17 pound test fluorocarbon line should be used. Texas-rig your favorite plastic craw, creature bait or worm, cast it out and work it slowly back to you, dragging it or hopping it, along the bottom.

Z-Man “Crawdadz” – Retail $3.99 6-pack



  • Colorful and extremely lifelike
  • Durable and buoyant
  • Built-in hook slot that aids in weedless rigging

TECHNIQUES – The Z-Man Crawdadz can be fished by itself on a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig or on a jig head. It is also very effective as a jig trailer. The individual application will dictate what type of rod and line you will use. The Crawdadz can be flipped, pitched or slowly worked along the bottom in 2-4 inch hops. Try to imitate a natural crawdad crawling along the bottom.

Fishbelly “Helix Ninja” Buzzbait – Retail $11.99

Helix Ninja


  • Revolutionary new buzzbait design
  • Allows for slower retrieve than traditional buzzer
  • The unique blade makes unique disturbance on the surface

TECHNIQUES – The Helix Ninja performs best when thrown on a 7-7 ½ foot rod with medium-heavy action. Throw it on 15-20 pound test monofilament or 50-65 pound braided line, depending on the type of cover you are fishing. Make long casts and retrieve the bait immediately upon hitting the surface, guiding the buzzbait alongside any visible cover.

Whiskey River “Whiptail” – Retail $3.19 6-pack



  • 6” soft and subtle finesse worm
  • Designed with a flat bottom like a traditional hand-poured worm
  • Unique bulky body with a long, narrow tail – distinct action underwater.
  • Excellent in clear water or tough conditions.

TECHNIQUES – The Whiptail can be utilized in multiple different presentations. Try throwing it on a Texas-rig or on a shakey head, when fishing in cover. It can also be rigged on a drop-shot for deep water fishing. It can even be used when swimming a jig as a trailer, allowing the action of the tail to ignite bites.