By: Kamile Jaskolski

Jr pro Staff @ Boag Hog Baits,Dragin Baits & Airrus rods, Jay Wallace – Owner: Boag Hog Baits

Jigs are a lure that have been around for a long time and are a classic technique to catch monster bass. Whether you’re throwing a football head, flipping or pitching a brush jig into some wood they all get big fish into your boat. My personal favorites are dragging football heads in rocks or flipping trees with small finesse jigs. Football jigs work great in rock because when you bump them into a rock they lift up and all the bass can see is your craw trailer in that defensive pose. Brush jigs like Boag Hog Baits (Lead Free) have a great head design to slip into the thickest cover around and snags are greatly reduced.

When I’m fishing a jig I usually rig it on a 7’2 MH or H Skeet Reese worm and jig rod. I throw it on 12-17 lb fluorocarbon or heavy braid depending on the weight and cover I’m fishing. More often than not a bass will suck the jig in on the initial fall so you need as much sensitivity you can get. It’s crucial to watch your line! When fishing in wood or trees its good to just crawl the jig over each and every limb, letting it drop in between. Also swimming a jig through tree limbs can produce viscous strikes. Let the bass tell you where they are and what they want.

Grass Jig

Different depths and seasons call for different jigs. In the summer when big bass are deep football jigs and heavier flipping jigs will get the job done 3/8-3/4 oz. will cover this spectrum nicely. When the bass are in shallow cover and lighter brush jig 3/16-3/8 oz. will usually do. When casting to shallow cover you want your jig to enter the water as quietly as possible. You want to have the advantage of surprising the fish and getting that reaction strike. Another great technique for summer bass is sliding grass jigs through deep weeds. You can swim the jig and drop into pockets as you come across them.

Brush Jig

Lead free lures are better for the environment and waterfowl. They also transmit better than lead. This is a great option when you don’t want to snap off to many tungsten lures but want to comply with some state regulations. My go to colors have been Black, Black/Blue, Camo (blk/brwn) and Black/Red flake. I use a matching craw trailer to finish this killer package. Next time you head out tie on a jig-n-pig and hang on!!

Tight lines.