By: Zak Elrite and Andrew Martin


Every now and then a product comes along in the fishing industry that truly changes the game. These new products afford us the ability to fish existing baits and techniques in new ways, giving us better results on the water. That is exactly what Penetration Hooks has done with their variety of creative long-shank, offset hook designs. Pen Hooks has taken the offset shank worm hook and “built a better mouse trap” out of it. Pen Hooks currently offers several different sizes and a few different styles of their new hooks, to cover techniques from finesse to flippin.

Having covered Pen Hooks in a Rahfish product overview already, we thought it was time to take them to the water and REALLY put them to the test.


The 2/0 model “H” hook is their lightest wire model great for using in drop shot or Carolina rig techniques. Recently testing the “H” hook rigged with 12lb test Seaguar InvisX, a 1/4oz drop shot weight and a 6″ Roboworm to “bubba shot” on the California delta, the results were better than expected. The fish that were finicky and hard to catch had no choice but to grab ahold of the longer Pen hook. Because it can be rigged in a Weedless fashion, much like a Texas rig, this is a great way to fish a drop shot in heavily vegetated areas. Pen also offers a slightly heavier “G” model which is also effective when paired up soft plastics like the Zoom Fluke, Yamamoto Senko or the Zoom Trick Worm. The possibilities go on and on.

Get hooked on a new concept – Marin ElriteFor the power fishermen out there Pen Hooks offers a 4/0 size, the model “A” hook. This is a heavy duty wire, extra long shaft flipping hook that works great on larger worms, lizards and Swimbaits. Recently my Team partner Andrew Martin Schadegg and I put a twenty-five pound limit of bass in the boat during a the recent Lucas Oil tournament on the California delta while fishing 10″ Berkley Power Worms with a 1/4oz bullet weight. Again, because of the bass’ short strikes, Pen Hooks gave us a distinct advantage when fishing this big bait technique. We caught several bass in the seven pound class and many more in the three pound range, and the heavy duty wire never straightened out. We also noticed the barb on all the Pen Hooks to be slightly larger than other brands and kept ahold of the fish extremely well.

The Pen Hooks testing phase was a definite success. As young of a company as they are, Pen Hooks isn’t only here to stay, but they are here to grow. Weather you prefer finesse fishing or power flippin’, make sure to take a closer look at Pen Hooks.