Evolve Frog

By: Corey Campbell, Tackle Grab Ambassador

One thing I’ve had success doing lately is using a pegged bullet weight with the Evolve frog. You will need a bullet weight, toothpick, and braided line. A few tips for using this technique:

  • Put the weight on the line like you would for a Texas rig then tie the Evolve frog on.
  • After tying the frog, slide the weight down to where it’s touching the line eye on the frog.
  • Next, take one end of the tooth pick and push it down in between the line and the weight on the top side of the weight.
  • Break the toothpick off flush with the weight and place it in the water for 30 seconds which will allow the toothpick to swell to prevent the weight from sliding.

The way I’ve been fishing this setup is over grass that is submerged a few feet under water. The weight causes the frog to dive down closer to the fish as well as simulating an injured frog very well. Once the frog dives allow the frog to float slowly back to the surface, most of my bites have occurred when the frog is floating back up. Since this frog is diving down with the fish it also triggers a reaction strike as well as the normal feeding bite. Choose the size of the weight based on how far below the water the grass line is. Try this when the top water bite isn’t producing as this is a setup that the fish aren’t as used to seeing.

I’ve caught several good largemouth on Lake Guntersville doing this over the past few weeks and it’s sure to produce on any lake that has good grass with frogs as a natural food source! Tight Lines!