By: John Boudreau

Pro-Staff for Denali Rods, and Boag Hog Baits

If you have never fished a shaky head, this is one technique you need to add to your skill set. On the very toughest of days it can help you put fish in the boat when nothing else is working. The finesse technique of shaky head is made up of a small ball type jig head commonly paired with a 4”-5” finesse style straight tail worm.

  1. Shaky Head & Worm body pictured
  2. Rigged

There are many companies that make many different styles of shaky jig heads that work fine, including a nice lead-free option from Boag Hog Baits at The technique itself is as simple as cast it out, let it fall. Then shake it place, or slowly drag it on the bottom, or hop it. Even dead sticking it can work. As with anything, experiment with your retrieve and let the fish tell you how they want it. A shaky head can be fished just about anywhere, except thick grass will give you some trouble. Typically not known as a “Big Fish” bait, however don’t let that limit what soft plastic you choose because a creature style just may increase the size of your catch. As far as gear goes most anglers will fish this technique on a 6’ 8” to 7’ 2” medium action, fast tip spinning rod with 8lb fluorocarbon. Some may use a baitcast set-up, and some may choose a different line size or type. The marketplace now has many companies that make “technique specific” rods, including “shaky head”. One of those companies is Denali Rods at, with 2 great options. Hope this helps you be more confident with a shaky head, which will in turn help you put more Bass in your live well.